Tinshack Co.

Purveyor of Good Life Goods

Nestled on our farm in Minnesota's Central Woodlands in the company of a flock of Shetland sheep, we embarked on a journey that included our first years in Minnesota inside a cozy little tinshack.  Choices made during that time brought the sheep,
 their wool and the yarn into our lives.  It is the good life.

Tinshack Co. offers naturally colored 100% Shetland roving and yarns.  Additionally, through our yarn shop in Isle, Minnesota we offer a wide variety of fiber and yarns from other shepherds (local and beyond). 
  It is the good life.

Cabin Classics--clothing and homewares made of all natural fibers and created by Tinshack Co. makes the woodlands experience possible for everyone.  It is the good life.    

And yup, it is the good life.

Tinshack Co.
P.O. Box 41, Isle, Minnesota  56342

On the Farm:  3564 Kite Street, Isle, MN  56342  
At the  Shop:  250 West Main Street, Isle, MN  56342  320.279.9359
Open Daily.  Mon-Sat 9am-5pm;  Sun 10am-3pm.

     Come visit us at our new location, 250 West Main Street in Isle, Minnesota.
Just three doors down from our old location.

Find us on Facebook--Tinshack Co.

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